Church of San Giovanni Battista

  • Church of San Giovanni Battista

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The original building dates back to 1280, when it formed the village around the baronial palace. The church was of modest size with a single aisle. In 1641 it was demolished by decree of the Bishop of Tivoli, and rebuilt according to the present structure. The interior is divided into three naves and preserves a valuable sixteenth century painting depicting St. John the Baptist in the desert, made by Cavalier Vincenzo Manenti, and a painting of the Madonna Enthroned with Child and Saints, dated between 1600 and 1700. The right aisle houses the chapel dedicated to St. Roch, whose cult began with the plague of 1635. From 1580, for the administration of Church property, the Brotherhoods of the Saints, were established. Sacrament of the Rosary and that of Sant'Agata, then dissolved.

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