Church and convent of St. Francis

  • Church and convent of St. Francis

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Construction began in late 1200 and continued in the following centuries as evidenced by the complexity of the structure and its irregularities. The facade of the church is in blocks of local red stone, typical of religious architecture of Leonessa, and among the works kept inside is a polychrome terracotta Nativity scene (Abruzzese author of about 1500), and a wooden crucifix, the work of Umbrian XVI century school. In the Crypt numerous frescoes were found, among them an extraordinary series of paintings of the 1400s, clearly inspired by Giotto, with Hell, Heaven, Our Lady of the olive (documenting the passage of the Bianchi in 1400s) and episodes of the Passion and Resurrection of Christ. The convent adjoining the church of St. Francis with the mystical cloister, is frescoed on the lower floor with scenes from the Life of St. Francis, dating back to the early fifteenth century.

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