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  • D'ORICA - Chicche
  • D'ORICA - Chicche
  • D'ORICA - Chicche
  • D'ORICA - Chicche
  • D'ORICA - Chicche

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In D’Orica we found a special interpretation of luxury: being passionate about making jewellery immune to the passing of time, reliable in shape and eclectic in personality, perfect for those who want to be part of a symbolic experience that goes well beyond aesthetic.
Those who choose D’Orica appreciate the authenticity of an ethical approach based on respect and on the transparency of the production process. This formula has been consolidated over time and built up thanks to both the skills of their craftsmen and the resources of the local Italian industry.
At D’Orica, value means the team of artisans who create these unique pieces of jewellery. From working the raw gold bar to create the tiny faceted spheres of gold, to the muliticoloured hand created designs of necklaces, bracelets, broaches and bands, every step involves D’Orica personnel seeking to create the best of the best.

The Creator



Although D’orica started as a family-run company, it has become, in time, a cohesive environment where every worker’s effort is crucial in guaranteeing the flawless authentic results the company demands for its public.

Founder Gianpietro Zonta prefers playing a visionary role, making sure the company philosophy keeps focused on people’s needs, avoiding unnecessary waste and attention to detail. This attitude is essential in achieving the quality level customers deserve.



Daniela is responsible for designing the geometric shapes which characterize the most notable pieces of the D'Orica collections.

Her sensitivity allows her to instinctively create complex compositions, often without the need of a preconceived plan or project. Daniela leads the team in charge of designing new models, carefully balancing creativity and feasibility.

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The town of Nove is near the heart of Grappa country, with Montegrappa crowning the landscape to the north. The name, Nove, comes apparently from the old Italian for ‘new’ deriving from the Latin Novus, not from 'nine' as in modern Italian. The lands where the town is located used to be part of the Brenta river,but as it receded, the soft lands that were exposed were found to be rich in clay. In Nove artisans are re-emerging in pottery and wine as well as jewellery, and their works can be admired in galleries, bars and restaurants around town.

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