Certosa di Trisulti

  • Certosa di Trisulti

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The Certosa (in French: Chartreuse) is a monastery, a national monument since 1873, that was initially managed by the Carthusian monks of San Bruno and later by the Cistercians. It was built as the Trisulti castle around the year one thousand in ernica stone, the Gothic arches are still visible even though they were later covered when the Gothic design was banned by the Catholic Church. The Trisulti name probably derives from the Latin "Tres saltibus" since the castle dominated the three crossings ("jumps") to Abruzzo, Rome and Ciociaria. An outpost run by the Colonna family that surely demanded a toll and control over troops and goods that passed through. Among the wonders to visit in the Certosa include its magnificent Italian gardens, with sculpted hedges and labyrinth interspersed with flower arrangements. Here there is a very ancient pharmacy, with a beautiful iconography of medicinal plants. Also see the Church of St. Bartholomew with frescoes by Balbi and the great wooden carved bench of the Schola Cantorum. The Certosa is surrounded by forests of oak and enjoys spectacular views and was the summer residence of Pope Innocent III.

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