GABRY COMINALE - Ceramics to Wear

  • GABRY COMINALE - Ceramics to Wear
  • GABRY COMINALE - Ceramics to Wear
  • GABRY COMINALE - Ceramics to Wear
  • GABRY COMINALE - Ceramics to Wear
  • GABRY COMINALE - Ceramics to Wear

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When Gabry discovered the enchantment of raku ceramics she found that she can never stop creating. Her teacher Guido Garbarino had warned: "I'll teach you the raku, but it will be a monkey on your back and never leave you!". Gabry is a determined woman with a life characterized by hard times when she had to take charge of their own destiny. The emotions from those times are evident in her works where poetry of form is enhanced by strong colors. Of her previous career of knitting fashion garments she has retained the ability to see the female figure as a whole and that is why it was natural to continue to participate in fashion shows as a ceramic artist. She began to create performances where dancers and models wore her famous busts of ceramic and her jewelry while performing.

The Creator



Gabry was born in Genoa and then she moved to Savona. She has always lived by the sea (although she is a skiing teacher). She conceived "ceramic wear" for performances. In fact, fashion and ceramics have marked the life of Gabry who has combined her passions in an original way.

During fashion shows, Gabry creates artistic performances in which dancers wear her ceramic creations.

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Savona was the seat of a rebellious population who suffered under the relative might of its local neighbour Genoa from 1528 when its upper town and towers were destroyed and the harbour buried. It seems that it could do no right as every invading force picked on Savona as part of their military exercises.

Now it sits happily beside the Tyrrhenian Sea, without its latest heritage of steel mills, and waits on the next cruise ship to transport tourists around the Med. Meanwhile, the imposing fortress of Priamar, on the sea edge, now houses museums and art galleries.

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