Cathedral of Civita Castellana

  • Cathedral of Civita Castellana

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The Civita Castellana Cathedral, the Santa Maria Maggiore church, was built in Romanesque style by Cosmati, the most important family of Italian marble of the twelfth century, and renovated around 1740. Of the original church remains the entrance porch and the open bell tower with three rows of mullioned windows. The central access portal to the cathedral is adorned by four Corinthian columns and two lions squeezed between the two men's feet: they are the evil that prevents the faithful gaining access to salvation. The altar consists of an early Christian sarcophagus of the third century. Of great interest is the crypt under the main altar, dating from the seventh century. It is said that the eighteenth-century organ of the cathedral was played by Mozart in 1770 during his trip to Rome.

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