• Casamari

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The Abbey of Casamari is named after Gaius Marius, from the Latin house of Marii, the famous Roman consul who was born here. It is a jewel of Cistercian architecture and the current structure was largely built after the arrival of the Cistercian monks (order founded in Burgundy in 1098 by St. Robert of Molesme). Previously this was a centre founded by St. Benedict in about 529. The abbey church was built between 1204 and 1217 and the first stone was laid by Pope Honorius III. The whole complex is open to visitors and it hosts summer concerts and operas. The State Library, founded on the library of the monks is annexed to the Abbey. Also in the Abbey are a school, the archaeological museum, the pharmacy and a shop for the sale of liquor and medicines produced by the monks.

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