Capena DOC wine

  • Capena DOC wine

Energitismo Insight

Bianco Capena, recognized since 1975, is a wine made from Malvasia del Lazio, Trebbiano Toscano, Bellone and Bombino grapes. The colour is straw yellow with golden shades and green highlights. The aroma is slightly aromatic, fine, distinctive. The grapes shall have been produced in the territory of Capena and in an area that includes Fiano Romano, Morlupo and Castelnuovo di Porto. Of fundamental importance are the human factors linked to the production area, which by tradition have helped to get the "Bianco Capena" wine. The cultivation of the vine in these areas has Etruscan origins and the poets Virgil, Orazione and Stradone sing praises of the products of this area.

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