LUCIANA BERTORELLI - Artistry from Pangea

  • LUCIANA BERTORELLI - Artistry from Pangea
  • LUCIANA BERTORELLI - Artistry from Pangea
  • LUCIANA BERTORELLI - Artistry from Pangea
  • LUCIANA BERTORELLI - Artistry from Pangea
  • LUCIANA BERTORELLI - Artistry from Pangea

Energitismo Insight

Luciana Bertorelli found Energitismo through a workshops held in her SpazioGaia studio and an exhibition at Galleria d'Arte del Cavallo in Quiliano, near Savona, in May 2014. We met briefly in Faenza, and then sought to understand more about this painter-sculptor during a day at her workshop in Quiliano.

Yet in one day, we could only touch the surface, being representative of the outer shell of her sculptures – not yet understanding the inner life of this artist. Luciana’s most recent major work is the series known as Pangea – a word derived from the Greek ’Pan’ and ’Gaia’ meaning possibly ’all of mother earth’, now simplified in common languages to Pangea, and applied as the name of the supercontinent of about 600 million years ago when most of the Earth’s mass rested in the southern hemisphere. Have a look to the video
Looking at Luciana’s Pangea sculpture series, there seemed to be a metaphorical connection from these mother earth figures representing fire, water, air, the rocky earth, flowers and vegetation, and mankind, to the ‘real’ Pangea of the far-gone ages of our Mother Earth.

The Creator



Luciana Bertorelli has been an artist since her first dreams of life’s work. Her sensitive feeling for materiality naturally drove her towards sculpture and the pleasure of working with clay and its ornamentation. She studied at art school in Genoa and at the Ligurian Academy of Fine Arts before opening her first studio in Genoa.

With her workshop, Spazio Gaia in Quiliano, Luciana and her husband Franco have founded the new Cavallo gallery nearby. Luciana’s career in art has resulted many exhibitions, commendations and awards to her credit. She welcomes visitors and artists to the bosom of Spazio Gaia.

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Savona was the seat of a rebellious population who suffered under the relative might of its local neighbour Genoa from 1528 when its upper town and towers were destroyed and the harbour buried. It seems that it could do no right as every invading force picked on Savona as part of their military exercises.

Now it sits happily beside the Tyrrhenian Sea, without its latest heritage of steel mills, and waits on the next cruise ship to transport tourists around the Med. Meanwhile, the imposing fortress of Priamar, on the sea edge, now houses museums and art galleries.

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