Archaeological Site of Aquinum

  • Archaeological Site of Aquinum

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The remains of Aquinum are located in the municipalities of Aquino and Castrocielo. In the archaeological area are the ruins of the Capitol, a huge building, perhaps for the worship of the Ceres Elvina cult, a military post called Quadrata (Square) Tower, an amphitheater that has suffered irreparable damage from the construction of the motorway in the 1960s, the so-called Apsidal Building and remains of the walls of the Roman colony. It has also a well-preserved gateway, Porta Capuana, some sections of the Via Latina and the Arch of Mark Antony. Aquinum is spoken of by the Latin satirical poet Juvenal, who liked to retreat into the cool of the colony of the Roman countryside to escape the summer heat. Livio also cites Aquino when he tells of the passage of Hannibal for the Via Latina in 211 BC. Horace referred to an industry of natural dyes with particularly purple at Aquinum. Finally Strabo, the Greek geographer who described the area around Rome, tells of Aquinum, as a city divided in two by the Via Latina and wet from the icy waters of the Melfa River. According to the testimony of Tacitus, in Aquino, political opponents were confined as happened to Dolabella.

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