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The Appia Antica Park is one of the most important parks for its natural and archaeological features. Starting from the heart of Rome and, like a wedge, the park arrives at the municipalities of Ciampino and Marino following the ancient route of the Via Appia, which linked Rome to Brindisi. In the park there are important Roman remains such as the Villa dei Quintili, the valley of Caffarella, the areas of the Aqueducts, Tor Fiscale, the tombs of Via Latina and many others.

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The territory of Ciampino borders on Rome to the east and lowland area to the south. It was crossed by the ancient Via Appia in Roman times and was home to farms and country villas even though the town is newly established. Its name comes from the prelate Giovanni Ciampini, scientist and archaeologist who in 1600 had his house here, indicated in the maps as 'Vigna Ciampini'. Today it is an important infrastructural node crossed by roads, railways and airports. The modern town began to form around the railroad. The first line to cross it was the Frascati to Rome of 1856. The first urban plan of 1910 was to create a 'garden city' which was then destroyed by bombing. The first nucleus of the airport was 1916 with a military base intended for dirigibles and airplanes.

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