Acropolis of Ancient Capena

  • Acropolis of Ancient Capena

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The archaeological area of the hill 'Civitucola' is difficult to access, surrounded by two ditches. In the excavations parts of the walls were brought to light with one of the two gateways to the city, remains of buildings and hydraulic works. A stretch of Roman road was identified that connected the Via Flaminia with the Lucus Feronia sanctuary. In the central area of the city you can recognize the remains of the medieval Benedictine monastery that was built above the Roman remains. In the city many fragments of ceramics and Roman Age marble statues are still found and numerous honorary inscriptions on bases that are currently preserved in part in the buildings of the City and partly in the Public Gardens. These are monuments erected by Capenati in honour of the Roman emperors and famous people of the time. In one of these bases it is interesting to note the so-called "damnatio memoriae" towards Geta, younger brother of Caracalla. The name of Geta was scraped off after he was killed by his brother's order.

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