Abbey of San Magno

  • Abbey of San Magno

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Near the source of the Licola river, stands the Abbey of San Magno founded in 522 and ruled until 1072 by ordinary abbots and then given to Montecassino. There is a "Legend": on the monastery looms a huge mass of stone from the sixth century that seems about to fall. This boulder broke off from the mountain top, but it was stopped by the hand of St. Honore who avoided the destruction of the monastic complex. Here lay the body of San Magno body until the year 847, when it was stolen and taken for a few years to Veroli and then was sold to the city of Anagni in 877. The abbey has suffered numerous raids and in 1798 the French demolished some local convents after having looted them. The apse and transept are decorated by twelfth-century frescoes that trace the life of St. Benedict. In the structure the mill, that is still working as well as the tanks for oil processing can be seen.

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