Sanctuary of Saint Victoria

  • Sanctuary of Saint Victoria

Energitismo 眼光

The church, located on an artificial terrace at the foot of Colle Forum, dates from the eleventh century with strong alterations having been carried out in the second half of the fifteenth century. The external views are therefore in the  great part Romanesque with Gothic influences and with many Roman era items inserted in the walls: a relief of a lion, a relief of a flower in the round, a stylized face. Also in the square in front you can find many Roman remains: column sections, lintels with or without decorations, three funerary lions, inscriptions, etc. The church and two aisles and the entrance are not symmetric. The decorated white marble portal is surrounded by four blind windows and topped by a rosette with eight petals. Inside there are some original frescoes such as the Madonna and Child with Saints Vittorino and Victoria, and two figures of saints (Victoria and Anatolia). Saint Victoria was a girl of noble family who converted to Christianity under the Emperor Decius, around the year 250. At that time, a horrible dragon was nestled in a cave and spreading death among the population of Trebula. With the power of faith Victoria threw him out, and, for this reason, the city's population was converted en masse. Victoria was invited to abandon Christianity and worship the goddess Diana, and, when she refused, she was killed by stabbing. After seven days the saint was buried in the dragon's cave and there venerated.

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