LUCA TONDIN - Doors to the World

  • LUCA TONDIN - Doors to the World
  • LUCA TONDIN - Doors to the World
  • LUCA TONDIN - Doors to the World
  • LUCA TONDIN - Doors to the World
  • LUCA TONDIN - Doors to the World

Energitismo 眼光

Luca Tondin is a quiet man committed to his family, business and the team of craftsmen working with him.
Three generation of artisans have created Tondin Porte (doors). The initial workshop was founded in 1927 by Pio and his knowledge passed to Adriano, Luca’s father. Luca is the current generation of the family directing the business and he has transformed the workshop expanding its techniques and its market.
To visit the actual workshop is an eye-opening experience of how the people who create together are also happy to work and spend their time together. Innovation challenges the technological skills and the need to be sustainable both in material and social interaction demands respect for the environment and work colleagues.
The resulting doors are sustainable from every aspect: from the choice of the wood to the manufacturing and finishing techniques. The selection of different treatment for each type enables the wood to maintain its essence and its particular scent.
Over the years they have researched their own approaches to sustainability selecting and developing the right oil for every wood. The right wax or oil is important not just for sustainability, but also as it can intensify the natural essence of wood.




Luca Tondin is the philosopher who has driven his company to the most sustainable solutions for its products. Sustainability is the key issue and he practices it in all his aspects of life.

Sustainability is a lifestyle and not a fake surface. He is vegan and he runs a vegan cuisine blog with his wife Valentina.



Italy, Gazzo我们在这里

Gazzo is a small community near Venice and Vicenza where traditionally the artisans are based. The elegant villas and palaces which typically characterized the landscape of the surrounding of Venice have created a important know how. Generations of artisans have transmitted these knowledge.