Archaeological area of Minturnae

  • Archaeological area of Minturnae

Energitismo 眼光

At kilometer 156 on the Appian Way are the remains of the ancient city-port of Minturnae which was destroyed by Rome in 315 BC, rebuilt in 295 BC and again destroyed, this time by the Lombards, around 580 AD. You can admire the Roman Theatre, an original section of the Via Appia in basaltic lava blocks, the remains of the Republican and Imperial Forums, the Capitolium (dedicated to Jupiter, Juno and Minerva), the market, the Tabernae (small indoor shops) and spa complex. The theatre was built around the first century AD and is divided into three characteristic sectors (stage, orchestra, auditorium). It welcomed over 4000 spectators and still today, in the summer, it hosts theatrical and musical performances. There is also a Museum. Nearby are the numerous and impressive Roman aqueduct arches, visible for a distance of about 11 kilometers.

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