Villa Parisi

  • Villa Parisi

Energitismo Depertim

The villa was begun in 1604 by Monsignor Ferdinando Taverna, governor of Rome under Pope Clement VIII. In 1614 it passed to Cardinal Scipione Borghese nephew of Pope Paul V. Known as Villa Taverna, it is bordered by Villa Mondragone and Villa Vecchia. Cardinal Borghese added two sides, the nymphaeum and the arms portal. In subsequent years the Borghese added interior and exterior decorations of important painters like Heldman the Bavarian and Taddeo Kuntze, Buonapoarte Pauline, wife of Prince Camillo Borghese (1775-1832), lived here for many years. In 1896 the villa was sold to Saverio Parisi, whose family still owns it.

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