TONI VENZO - Living Wood Sculptures

  • TONI VENZO - Living Wood Sculptures
  • TONI VENZO - Living Wood Sculptures
  • TONI VENZO - Living Wood Sculptures
  • TONI VENZO - Living Wood Sculptures
  • TONI VENZO - Living Wood Sculptures

Energitismo Depertim

The true essence of the sculptures by Toni can only be felt when your hand slides over the curves and is led to follow paths where around every corner one finds another pleasant mystery. Clean and harmonious lines seem fashioned by natural elements: rain, wind, flowing water.
And to underline this contact, Toni takes some sculptures to the bed of the Brenta River, which connects the Alps to Venice, and he gazes on the flow of water over them.This softness, through the work, allows you to enter into direct contact with nature and will retrace the emotions that each of us feels in front of a tree. Each type of tree is different and conveys majesty, strength or flexibility that is found both in trees and in the vicissitudes of life.
They are dynamic works that tell the inner journey of the artist who shares his emotion with whomever wants to be introduced. The discovery is in the journey and "The flow is always present in all my works".




Toni has always lived near the woods spending many years there with his father. He began to sculpt in 1984 to satisfy a personal drive.

The forest is a place of creation, where the trees stretch their roots and become a miraculous bridge between heaven and earth. His art is a journey and represents a bridge by which we can also go into the woods and breathe the sky.

Na gjeni ketu


Italy, Pove Del GrappaNa gjeni ketu

Pove del Grappa started life possibly as a quarrying town for the ancient roads in this mountainous area of north east Italy. It lies at the south eastern entrance to the pass through the pre-Alpes to Valsugana, that is also the name of the road today, one that has been travelled by great historical names on their route from Venice to the Holy Roman Empire.

Pove also sits at the western base of the Grappa mastiff, and is on many walking trails through this historic, forested and much embattled region.