Abbey San Salvator Maggiore

  • Abbey San Salvator Maggiore

Energitismo Depertim

The abbey complex is one of the oldest and offers best evidence of the presence of the Benedictine Order in Sabina. Founded in 735, the abbey was destroyed by the Saracens in the year 891 and was completely rebuilt in 974. Until the thirteenth century expansion work of the church included the construction of the curia, the prison and the chapter house. When, at the end of the sixteenth century the 'commenda' contracts were established, the complex was transformed into a fortress and a residence. In 1618, with the expulsion of the monks, it was assigned to the seminary of the diocese. So the monumental complex for nine centuries had been an abbey and a seminary for about three centuries. After a period of neglect, today some parts have been restored.

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