PREFORMATI - Spas, pools and terrace baths

  • PREFORMATI - Spas, pools and terrace baths
  • PREFORMATI - Spas, pools and terrace baths
  • PREFORMATI - Spas, pools and terrace baths
  • PREFORMATI - Spas, pools and terrace baths

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A common thread between the small companies, who are creating  a renaissance of products and lifestyle, appears to be mutual respect between the colleagues – each committed to excellence, and the involvement of the customers as partners who share in the project, in the creation of the product.  These thoughts were shared by Ferruccio Alessandria, General Manager of Preformati Italia, and they reflect the harmony in the workshops and in their market place for spas, baths and pools.
Preformati is a grand success story in small business, having grown from its nascence in 2001 to be the worldwide unique designer and supplier of high strength, light weight, technologically leading, top style wellness and water experience systems and solutions. The common thread with other successful Italian Style ventures has been the commitment to excellence by the team and respect for the wishes of the customer.
If you visit the factory you will notice an interesting aspect: Enrico Puppi, the founder, shows you all his equipment and machinery because “the real capital is the human capital”, as he pointed out. It is not the machine that creates shapes, it is the human ability and the team-work that accept challenges and realize the most incredible design and dreams of architects and customers.

O δημιουργός



Enrico was brought up in the Bassano area and with his brothers he helped his father, Diego, in the family packaging business. But Enrico’s interests lay in more exciting projects. He researched and studied how packaging materials could be used for other applications, and by visiting exhibitions he learned about new high performance materials and designs.

His breakthrough that gave him confidence was his first Turkish Bath, completed in 1998. Then in 2001, it was time for him to branch out alone and create Preformati Italia. Every step since has been up the ladder of challenges to new successes.

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Mussolente is a small area on the edge of the wonderful town of Bassano del Grappa, which was renamed from Bassano Veneto, after the first world war, to commemorate the battles on Monte Grappa above the town. It is famous for creating Grappa, for the surrounding villages of potters, and for the Palladio covered wooden bridge, often destroyed, but lovingly re-built. Flowing under the bridge is the river Brenta, winding through the centre of the town, that connects the mountains to Venice 80 km south east.