Festival of Pangiallo and "Nociata"

  • Festival of Pangiallo and

Energitismo Insight

In January there is the festival of pangiallo, a typical dessert of feasts whose origins date back to Imperial Rome. It is prepared on the day of the winter solstice as a hope for the return of the long sunny days, and its shape reminiscent a little of the sun. The main ingredients are: flour, walnuts, hazelnuts, almonds, pistachios, dried figs, honey, pine nuts, candied fruit (lime, orange), raisins, eggs, cocoa powder, chocolate flakes, wildflower honey, alchermes liquor (herb based with scarlet colour from a small insect), extra virgin olive oil and yeast. The mixture that is obtained is allowed to rest for a few minutes and is worked manually to obtain a rounded shape or a dome. It is cooked in the oven at low temperature until the sweet takes on the golden color.

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