Pasta Amatriciana

  • Pasta Amatriciana

Energitismo Insight

Amatrice gave its name to the famous 'amatriciana sauce' typical of Roman cuisine. It was originally prepared by shepherds in the mountains when they followed their herds. The ingredients are: bacon, cheese and spaghetti (the recipe of 'Grice') to which only later added the tomato. The internationalisation occurred in the nineteenth century when many ‘Amatricians’ emigrated down to Rome because of the crisis and found employment in catering by making known their typical dish: the '' amatriciana ". The first historical amatriciano restaurant was opened in Rome in 1860 by Luigi Sagnotti near Piazza Navona. The fame of the Amatrician cuisine was so great that it became the city of the Popes cooks.

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