ANDREA ZELIO - Lessons in Surrealism

  • ANDREA ZELIO - Lessons in Surrealism
  • ANDREA ZELIO - Lessons in Surrealism
  • ANDREA ZELIO - Lessons in Surrealism
  • ANDREA ZELIO - Lessons in Surrealism
  • ANDREA ZELIO - Lessons in Surrealism

Energitismo Insight

Andrea Zelio is a multi-talented artist who has his roots in surrealism that he likes to call "saudade-chic". His paintings and his prints represent an "unlikely" world, even if not impossible to achieve. The houses that he created to represent the letters of the alphabet are a delight to the beholder: homelike yet impossible for living. They seem to belong to the Venetian tradition, but in reality do not exist. He is well-known and appreciated for his illustrated stories for children, an audience with a freshness of mind capable of grasping the intimate poetry of "unlikely fantasy". The different forms of art he pursues have the ability to penetrate and to complement: there is not a favored medium, period or technique. Painting, set design, installation, writing and printing. "I miss them if not practical. I like creating the sensation of entering into resonance with the universe, of harmonising". This intimate review was expressed with a creative process that has not stopped and that feeds constantly with a fervent imagination. On the occasion of the 2008 Olympics he received the honour to exhibit in Beijing, in the Italy Pavilion, a work entitled "The pitcher of words" that ideally combined all his art forms with the theme of human rights.

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Being born near the Venetian lagoon must have had some influence on Andrea Zelio in his way of seeing life. And just like Venice is considered "elegant and sad", so Andrea Zelio calls his style "Saudade chic", a neologism to describe his veiled refined fantastic world - mixed with a love remaining from a lost past?

Andrea felt the need to create at a very young 12 years when he began to write "the memories of my youth", reflections on life, and simultaneously to draw graffiti on the exterior walls of the family home (which periodically were erased with thick coats of lime).

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Italy, San Donà di Piaveβρείτε μας εδώ

Located at the confluence of several rivers feeding the lagoon of Venice, the story of San Dona di Piave was characterized by instability both hydraulic and politics.

For this, every 7 August, the mayor of San Dona gives 2 capons to the mayor of Musile di Piave in a tradition that has been handed down since 1250, the year of the total destruction of the surrounding countryside from flooding of the river Piave.

San Dona then had moments of great splendor during the Kingdom of Italy but substantial problems of survival during the First World War, particularly during major battles on the Piave.

With its strategic location it has a busy cultural life and hosts a special park dedicated to "Sculpture in Architecture".