With A Hand of Iron

  • With A Hand of Iron
  • With A Hand of Iron
  • With A Hand of Iron
  • With A Hand of Iron
  • With A Hand of Iron

Details of Collection Work

From the Heart of a Blacksmith

With over three centuries of the song of the blacksmith ringing in his veins, Roberto Lanaro brings to our ears the steady rhythmic and musical beat of Verdi’s Anvil Chorus from Il Trovatore.

To view the range of Lanaro’s works from the absolute grandest to small manipulations of iron bars, exposes one to progressive understanding of a man for whom it seems that his hands and his body are extensions of his work. Roberto Lanaro is spoken of as an abstractist or even a minimalist, but this is not how we feel his sculpture.

Here is a man for whom iron is a soft malleable material that he can tear and bend to create the form his heart desires and then to leave this as a statue, rigid and unyielding for passersby to wonder about.

A Door to Awakening

The recognition of Roberto Lanaro as a great sculptor of the century is evidenced by his selection by the Vatican to create the giant second entry doors to the Basilica of St Anthony in Padua.

These doors, the opening to the internal soul of the basilica, and also likely an awakening of talent and understanding for the artist, are an amazing addition to a great and ancient religious basilica, a building famed around the world. The great iron doors that represent the ’Book of the Cross’ stand over 6 metres tall, adding a touch of modern majesty to the gothic and baroque architecture of the ’original’ basilica, first completed over 700 years ago.

In each and every work by Lanaro, whether of his own volition, or created as a sponsored work, brings iron to life in his hands that tear at its soul and force it to yield to his desires. Try not to know his works, but let each gradually capture your understanding and be grateful for the opportunity to experience a unique piece of sculpture and maybe of "iron-y".

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