Sculpting the Emotive Power of Horses

  • Sculpting the Emotive Power of Horses
  • Sculpting the Emotive Power of Horses
  • Sculpting the Emotive Power of Horses
  • Sculpting the Emotive Power of Horses

Details of Collection Work

Horses are loved for their strength, their sinuous curves and their movements. Their softness and strength need to merge in order to feel the emotions inside.

The bronze sculptures by Roberto Scardella manage to convey these emotions through the particular technique chosen by the artist to represent such sinuous lines of force of the animal, those along which flow the forces that lead to the magnificent gallop and jumping. They are the horse's muscles, tendons and lines of contact that a good horseman knows how to recognize and stimulate during his horse work.

Roberto realizes bronze horses of various sizes, such as the imposing statue in the central square of the entrance of Villa Aldobrandini in Frascati, in the perfect size for an interior of a villa or a resort.

From Design to Bronze

These exciting sculptures are cast with the lost wax technique in a historic foundry in Verona and then patiently finished and polished. But they are born long before in the drawings and dreams of the artist.

The sculptures of the horse y are special and deserve attention. In one work the horse is captured in the act of scratching his back rubbing on the ground, legs in the air, and the expression of one who is enjoying a moment of pure pleasure and relaxation.

The technique of the lines of force in bronze elements enhances this particular feeling that the horse lives and transmits this life to the observer.
The lines of force of the horses "soaring", however, demonstrate and emphasize the strength and power of the animal depicting a proud and independent beast, but in its essence, with a close link with the man for over 5000 years.

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