Grand Guardians of the Gate

  • Grand Guardians of the Gate
  • Grand Guardians of the Gate
  • Grand Guardians of the Gate
  • Grand Guardians of the Gate

Details of Collection Work

This beautiful and impressive pair of lions in finest quality bronze ceramic are the ideal guardians at the main entrance of a house or the entrance from the garden to a villa.

In every culture homes have special protectors against attackers that also bring welfare to the people who live there. Very often these "guardians" are depicted as lions, dragons and dogs.

Ezio Zanardello of Ahura has chosen to create this pair of lifesize bronze glazed lions, but each solution is customized to match the style of the house and the image of people who live there. Ezio is realizing multi-hued versions to give greater prominence to the lion's mane and new "guardians" for special villas.

The craftsmanship of the artisans of Nove

Ezio is Zanardello of Nove founded Ahura over 30 years ago. Nove is a traditional pottery center that originally grew and became famous in the service of the Republic of Venice, thanks to the quality of the clay brought from the flats near the River Brenta. Ezio now sources his raw clay from more distant mines. He mixes and deflocculates the clay dispersion with both traditional artisanal expertise and modern technology to produce a uniform and balanced casting slip that can be cast to produce these large and, in the 'green'form, very delicate beasts.

These lions bring together great skill and knowledge of ceramic casting and construction techniques, firing and glazing involving the craftsmanship of Ezio and his artisans who know how to create objects that after the many careful stages of manufacture will command attention and excite.

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