Glass Beyond Beautiful

  • Glass Beyond Beautiful
  • Glass Beyond Beautiful
  • Glass Beyond Beautiful
  • Glass Beyond Beautiful
  • Glass Beyond Beautiful

Details of Collection Work

The Benvenuto Showroom

Benvenuto is a source of glass beauty through technology and art. Vittorio Benvenuto does not make mass products; he designs and produces solutions in glass for the world’s most challenging projects.

TINAS (This Is Not A Showroom) is his way of opening the minds of clients to what he can achieve with this glorious material that is neither solid nor liquid. From the light into the dark to be emotionally impacted by images of glass and sounds.

One of the mountain peaks of Benvenuto art is the amazing multicoloured chandelier structure in the Fendi’s Flagship Store in Paris at 53, Av. Montaigne and in London at 144, New Bond St. – each a solution created from tens of thousands of ’shards’ of Murano glass. Conception was a masterpiece, realization is glass beyond beautiful.

The Challenge of Glass

Glass does not forgive; it can give magnificent colour, transparency, translucency and refraction of light. It can become the most perfect stained glass window. It can be created in unique shapes from working with the molten hearth in the furnace. Yet glass, in the wrong hands becomes brittle and fractures.

Over nearly 50 years, Benvenuto, father and then son, have worked glass designs into top quality projects, drawing on ‘secret’ ancient recipes and techniques linked to modern technologies. They have solved the challenges of glass use in the most difficult architectural projects.

For those who seek the impossible, Benvenuto can surprise. For those who just wish to admire and wonder, visit Fendi in Paris or London

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