A Chord (Accord) with Nature

  • A Chord (Accord) with Nature
  • A Chord (Accord) with Nature
  • A Chord (Accord) with Nature
  • A Chord (Accord) with Nature

Details of Collection Work

Apostol’s music from the heart

The collections of Apostol tell the stories of the passions and life of a very special sculptor and creator of artistic images. Apostol was born with the soul of Greece flowing through his veins, music and the sea.

Having escaped his economic destiny with enough practical wit to establish good business in the promotion of art in his native land, he let his hands do the work and his heart do the direction.

With bronze and crystal glass as his bones and blood, he fashioned many creations from Greek lifestyle and mythology that quietly populated his galleries and found there way rapidly into the homes and hearts of collectors from around the world. As copyists arose, so Apostol’s name became the sign of authenticity of his special sculpture, and for the lucky few, the chance to meet and greet Apostol

Let the music flow

One of Apostol’s finest themes is music and it is in music that he has created a great collection of lifesize works. Apostol’s joy in a wide range of music from classical to jazz and the embodiment of that music in his being has resulted in sculptures that integrate the music with the musician and the environment.

The musical instrument often forms the heart of the sculpture, whether a violin, cello, sax, trumpet or piano with the musician in the background as the mechanism to bring forth the joy of the composition.

Tschaikowsky violin concerto stands out. The musical instrument flows with the music and forms part of the natural environment – not possibly better than in ‘Nature’s Melody’ the star work as you enter Apostol’s Athens Gallery in Plaka, Athens.

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