The pedestrian ‘alley’ in Oia leads past the ‘Most Famous Art Shop in the World’ to what is often claimed to be the best view in the world, sunset from the old castle.

The stone lined walkway leads past shops of elegance and luxury, summer fashions for the beautiful and rich, with regular views of the deep blue sea filling the caldera.

The density of galleries and boutiques highlights Oia as a place for those who do not ask the price and for those who come to shop with a purpose of adding to their unique collections. Possibly the most famous art shop in the world is a place for these shoppers. As you stroll towards the castle about a minute past the cathedral square, you find on your left the jewelry and fashion boutique of Alexandros – a shop that is known for the names of its clients. Standing in the front of the boutique are a pair of sculpted musicians about which further must be discovered.

Opposite you espy through the doorway in the courtyard two giant marlins dancing together – a signature of Apostol. And just past the entrance is the sign – ‘The most famous art shop in the world’. Entering the shop, standing in a corner to the left is an art-deco aluminum and bronze man with an umbrella – ‘tres chic’ yet a little limp.

A quick scan along the wall reveals a portfolio of surreal art and sculpture of famous musical scenes. Famous art of famous music.

Now captivated by the scenario, you can absorb the array. Next to the ‘umbrella man’ is a collage painting of a Jazz-band a tuba climbing out of the background, a cello in the foreground, a clarinet and a fractured keyboard. Apostol has been enjoying a musical treat. Curiously, to the right an octopus sits atop a glass pillar of the sea with notes climbing.

Another collage painting shows 3 silver cellos, and below a slim lady is seated on a tortured metal chair, bowing her violin – a pink scarf blowing around her neck and pink shoes. A low hung bodice and thigh high split in her olive dress is more than suggestive.

Your scan escapes her and finds a disembodied hand playing a distorted cello in the Shostakovich cello and piano concerto – the music on fire.

Changing tune as you go through the archway to find another collage. The music is Santa Lucia and the instrument a classical small harmonica from Naples. Finally in the corner, a black bow tie and a trumpet. The music in the background is Hello Dolly. Thanks Satchmo.

And thanks to Apostol for another artistic feast of famous art in the most famous art shop in the world. If you have an hour or two you can admire the whole gamut of Apostol’s charms, and those of a few of his friends.