It was almost by accident that I met Marco Giustinelli and learned the history of the invincible team of Polisportiva (Sports School) Paolo Forte Colleferro Futsal, although to say almost by chance is a bit misleading because his stature cannot go unnoticed.

He has lively and almost transparent eyes that provide a glimpse of all the synapses of his brain working at an incredible pace. Marco has lived more than a few lives and today is finally bringing it all together. Sport and games as a young man, manager of a multinational company specialising in quality control, and finally educator and director of a training institute that initiates the boys into the professions. A school where young people live coming from over 20 different countries from around the world.

But his free time is totally dedicated to his passion for sport, and in particular to Futsal in which today he is the director of communications of the Futsal FIGC of Lazio and Polisportiva Paolo Forte Colleferro, coached and managed by Paolo Forte, one of the most important Italian coaches of this sport. Professionalism and love for their work has led them to be a reference point for international trade with Asian countries, particularly Japan.

For Futsal it is crucial to educate well the guys at the team game and it is very important to teach children soccer. It’s a game that highlights the technique and the small field allows all children to have fun while in a large field only those able to be protagonists of the games enjoy.

Everything came about when Marco Giustinelli needed a gym for his school in which to exercise the boys and he turned to Paolo Forte whose company was managing a large sports hall in Colleferro with gym, weight room, and grandstands for 1000 seats.

The deal took place on the basis of passion and Marco got the gym for his boys in exchange for professional commentary of the matches and communication for Paolo’s team. The two discovered that they have the same understanding of sport and a common vision of their role as educators of children.

So began a period of success in which the game and life intersected in an extremely professional manner. The youth team is treated with the utmost professionalism with sports medicine, massage therapist, dietician and professional communication including social channels, and in a short time they ‘won everything’.

Their web radio and social channels reach more than a million listeners and started requests for cultural exchanges at official levels. They began with Spain, Malta, Venezuela and, most recently, with Japan, and for years they have made a home for groups of children of various ages. The program takes place over one week and is designed according to the age of the children and the needs of their coach.

The week typically includes visits to Rome and magnificent towns of Ciociaria and ends with a triangular tournament with other teams, with a full commentary, medal and a cup in remembrance of the beautiful Italian experience. The weeks are rewarding and the most difficult part is to learn how to pronounce the Japanese family names in the commentary! 

Sport is important in the growth of children and allows them to learn the rules of society by engaging and enjoying. Not everyone will become a champion but all will become adults and will have to start to walk their own path.

About the Interviewed:Marco Giustinelli


Trainer and manager of communication Futsal FIGC Lazio