We all want to look good when we meet someone for the first time. But how to make a good first impression? What are the tricks to use and what things should we do?

Communication effectiveness, sensitivity to others (emotional intelligence), can be both a natural gift but it is also a fascinating world to discover and to learn from. Understand the nuances and peculiarities of your communication style will help you to be more effective in the workplace and in interpersonal relationships.

People get a sense of you, quickly and unconsciously. They make assumptions based on what you say and how you say it. We are led to believe that the first things we hear are truthful. That is why it is so important to recognize the limitations and strengths of your own communication style. Below I have listed some simple tips that will help to improve the way you communicate.

Your smile
People like to be in a good mood, laugh, feel relaxed. This does not mean that you are forced to be a stand-up comedian to achieve that, just be in a good mood, happy and funny. People get tired of sad people. A smile communicates that you are a happy person who is worth knowing. There is a great saying “Smile, you do not have all the problems of the world.”

Be approachable
The way you move, speak, how you relate is your first business card. A rigid posture, avoiding eye contact with the person with whom you are talking will make you unattractive. Show a relaxed appearance, look into the eyes and a give a nice handshake to convey positive feelings and make you approachable.

Have you ever wondered how others feel after talking with you? It would be good to do it, because if your partner feels understood and happy, this feeling will be cast on you and others will consider you in a positive way. Focusing on the state of mind of others, how others feel in relation to themselves and towards us, is essential to establish a good relationship between people. Generous behavior, from the social point of view, induces others to reciprocate your attention and to satisfy your desires.

We all seek approval from others. To show appreciation means just to let someone know that you respect him for his positive qualities. Praise the person for his achievements and he is definitely going to be well disposed towards you.

Empathy, sharing the same ideals, definitely will create a bond between people. Saying things like, “I also think like you”, “I also like going for a run,” “I fully agree with you” creates a link between people speaking together. In this way people feel understood and feel a sense of belonging.

Take and give the floor
To measure out the right amount of words between those that you say and those you allow your partner to speak is very important. A good idea would be to adapt to the style of the other person without being too verbose, tiring with words, or on the contrary being too quiet.

Transmitting teachings
Be a person who is able to convey new concepts will make your company certainly more challenging and sophisticated. Speak of something that maybe you have recently read in a book, or you’ve heard on TV. The person next to you will be grateful to have learned some new ideas and perspectives.

Zero complaints
It is said that people who complain turn off neurons. Complaints can be considered the sister of banality. If you want to get the perfect recipe for boring the other party just pull out a complaint, and the dish is served. Not to mention the effect that it has when complaining about our problems. Exhausting our interlocutor by giving a close examination of our daily problems equates to violation of the generally accepted social rules.

Mistakes attract
Not everyone knows that when someone confesses their weaknesses it can be a winner. Talk about a mistake, showing that you have a sense of humour, is a good way to bond with another person. The latter feels comfortable, and will be available to you. Paradoxically, talk about your weaknesses makes you look strong, self-confident and very human. And this leads others to open up.

Sex appeal
I tell you one thing that perhaps may seem unusual, but sex appeal, the presence and the attractiveness of a person are not directly related to physical appearance. This last quality is related mostly to the sense of security that you portray and not to centimeters of skin that you choose to uncover, and the way you show pride in yourself and the way you behave.

In summary, by making a person feel special, and putting him in a good mood, you will become socially desirable. People will be more inclined to listen, to bond with you, the more likely to reciprocate attention.

I want to finish by bringing a phrase J. W. Goethe, who in this regard says:
“I came to the frightening conclusion that I am a decisive element. And it is my approach to determine the climate. And it is my mood that determines the time, day by day. I own the terrifying power to render life miserable or joyous. I can be an instrument of torture or inspiration, I can humiliate or cheer the soul, heal wounds. In any situation, it is my response that decides whether a crisis has been overcome, or if it is aggravated, if a person is humanized or dehumanized.”