We visited the workshop of Luca Tondin near Venezia to understand what are the best techniques to finish wood to maximise natural content. The psycho-physical wellness of a person is given by a number of factors that have be considered together. So, if not finished properly, even a natural material such as wood can cause discomfort to people.

Luca Tondin runs a family business involved in the craft production of doors and windows. In the past few years he also has become a reference point for ecology, particularly related to wood products. We interviewed him to find out his point of view.

Luca Tondin, what are the natural finishes?

The finishes are natural products to treat wood surfaces, they are made from completely natural elements, the finest clean and sustainable raw materials: plants and minerals. These materials are the basis for the realization of the dyes and waxes used to finish our furniture, floors, and even the interior doors and window frames.

Why use 100 % natural finish?

Because they are safe for those who produce them, for those who use them, and for those who live in the house. The natural finishes, in fact, are completely free of solvents; they contain, on the contrary, pigments and binding agents of natural origin and will at all times contribute to health and a clean surrounding environment.

And on floors, windows and doors?

The natural finishes are excellent protection for your valuable interiors – floors, furniture or fixtures – as well as the undisputed choice to maintain the quality of your life.

Wood treated with these finishes does not produce any kind of artificial exhalation, thus reducing domestic pollution and contributing positively to the balance of the natural moisture of the house. In fact, the well-being of an environment is given by a combination of temperature and humidity that comes with breathable materials, essential for the well-being of those who live there.

The natural finish also increases the resistance of the wood surfaces to degradation, maintains excellent colour stability over time and it is easy to maintain. It is available in a wide range of colours and shades, with a wide choice of finishes, from neutral to the most eclectic.

Some finishes can also contain special oils – such as orange oil – ensuring that the treated surfaces will release a pleasant citrus scent. They are not dangerous for children, and are also tested to be resistant to saliva and sweat. The finishes also allow for easy maintenance thanks to a “re- toning” process which can be done easily and quickly.

Luca Tondin, how can we recognise a 100% naturally finished door?

The components used to realize the natural finishes are truly countless. They are vegetables and minerals coming from all over the world but attentively selected on the basis of their origin and sustainability. Most of them come from organic farming. Typical examples of such ingredients are ethereal oils and tree resins, swelling clays, waxes and natural organic colourants, which are then transformed into an abundant variety of raw materials through high quality scientific development. These different primary products are then employed to realize the dyes and waxes, which are used for the finishing of the house.


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About the Interviewed:Luca Tondin


Luca is a philosopher craftsman who has driven his company to the most sustainable solution for its products. Sustainability is the key issue and he practices it in all his aspects of life.