Living Jewellery takes adornment by jewellery to a new level by bringing life to the jewel using elegant biomimetic technology.

The bright coloured solar cells in Living Jewellery that produce the power for a pulsing solid state lamp are intricately connected through micro tunnels in the gold frames to transfer the power generated to an intelligent microcircuit hidden in the gold flower that is the “jewel” of the necklace.

The cells are so sensitive that they generate power even at dusk or in low indoor light.

The electronics that trap the power produced allow the solid state multi-coloured lamp to pulse in tune with a rhythm selected by the wearer. Possibly, this rhythm can be the person’s heartbeat.

Claudia Bettiol had a dream to create a work of art that would represent the linkage between the renaissance of the 16th century and the sustainable technology revolution of today. This work, of high artistic merit, would combine the elegance of renaissance design and detailed workmanship with today’s peak artisanship including the most exciting technologies of the current energy revolution.

Together, Energitismo and D’Orica conceived how the biomimetic technology of photosynthesis could be blended with the D’Orica goldsmith art to create jewellery that not only shone from reflected light but could create light representing the life force of the wearer.

The D’Orica designs incorporate thousands of the gold “diamonds” into the jewellery, elements that are embellished through a range of new pure gold colours, magenta, Siena, black, yellow, green, violet and blue.