Italian espresso has a new taste! The appealing and full-bodied taste that Nino Santoro has been able to achieve with his invention, the Kamira coffee pot.
The history of Kamira coffee is one of the great stories of Italian creativity, even as a Sicilian born in Taormina from visceral love of Nino for coffee. An Italian espresso customizable gourmet taste, which is obtained simply by turning on the gas. With real novelty, like a star, it is reaping the acclaim of fans from Italy and the various corners of the world.

Nino, how was Karima, your homemade Italian espresso, born?

The desire to drink a good coffee has led me to create a machine to allow me to savour a true espresso that leaves a great taste in your mouth. It was 1998: I took an old coffee pot, I cut, changed and I customised it.
From that moment, until 2012, I continued to experiment submitting three patents and creating a device capable of controlling five functions: pressure, temperature, flow, speed and mix. It is indestructible and allows you to customize your coffee. The magic of the Kamira coffee pot is in this system!

Kamira today is becoming a big success just like a real rock star and it has gone viral on the web ….

From the terrace to the web! My first workshop was on my father’s terrace, he was my first fan, and I built the first units in a traditional way for our family and friends. Their support encouraged me to keep going.
The coffee industry produces several billion pods and capsules: just Lavazza has produced 1.4 billion in 2013. So we thought maybe we could find a space! In 2012 we founded the company in Santa Teresa di Riva, near Taormina (in beautiful Sicily). We decided to focus immediately on the web, which is the window to the world, and to sell Kamira with e-commerce. We were not wrong!
In 2014 we reached 11,000 units sold and the forecast for 2015 is 20,000 pieces! Besides Italy people contact us from England, Germany, Belgium, France, Scandinavia and we arrived in Canada and Australia, the USA, Japan, Korea, etc ..

Nino so you have become ambassador of ecological Italian espresso to the world!
Incredible! I created Kamira for myself, but in a short time my invention has made so many people happy and that makes me proud. It is also economic: for only 5 cents you can drink an excellent Italian espresso at home. We receive many enthusiastic emails and we have true fans!
Here in Sicily there is an old saying of Pino Caruso, some years ago a famous star of a well-known advertising spot on Sicilian coffee, who said: “The more one goes South the better is the coffee!”. Kamira coffee is as intense as the Sicilian culture and fragrant as its sea.

About the Interviewed:Nino Santoro


Inventor, entrepreneur and lover of good coffee and its tradition