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Albana Termali

Albana Temali: a special visionary lady

To meet and talk with Albana Temali we went to the old centre of Bologna, where she lives and works. We knew from her site  That she has become a reference point for Albanian art and culture in the world but I had never met her in person. The…


A secret behind the Frosinone Football Team

One thing has to be said about the players of Frosinone Football Team: they run till the last minute and they run happy. Surely to arrive into the Premier League coming from a small center in Ciociaria, a wonderful region known outside of Italy for the famous movie with Sofia…

181 The power of Music

Gut Strings power the violin

Energitismo allows me to meet people who have dedicated their lives to achieve perfection in their field; one of these meetings occurred when I opened a magic door into one of my passions: music of Bach played with gut strings. The partitas and the sonatas for string instruments (violin, viola or…

Amlin Challenge Cup 2013/2014, Stadio Recreation Ground di Bath, 14/12/2013,  Bath Rugby Vs Rugby Mogliano, Photo Alfio Guarise

A lesson in life – two Rugby teams: Mogliano Veneto vs Bath Rugby

Energitismo allows me to meet people and hear their special stories. This story that I have been told about the match between  two rugby teams, Mogliano Veneto and Bath Rugby in Bath on Avon, has something magical about it. This true story was told by Lucio Marin, entrepreneur in manufacture…

Articolo Rugby

Corrado Mattoccia – Rugby enters Museums

If you get to know rugby you immediately love it. It is a sport that leaves no one indifferent. The story of the ‘third half’, when the teams meet after the game and celebrate together, is one of the peculiarities that transforms the sport of rugby into a lifestyle involving…

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