Presepe of Serrone imagining Bethlehem

It is Thursday after Christmas on an early winter’s day in Serrone, in central Italy, with bright sunshine and a breeze blowing the leaves off the oak trees and spreading them in little swirls on the road. Our friend, Giancarlo Flavi, has drawn Claudia and myself from the quiet of the blogger’s room to seek

Jean Sibelius symphony of Finland

The first week of December has been a smorgasbord for readers of this blog who are lovers of classical romantic movement as we celebrated the singing majesty of Maria Callas and José Carreras. And now we enter the second week with one of the great romantic composers, Johan Julius Christian Sibelius, born 151 years

Three friends and the dinosaurs of Sezze

The story of the greatest discovery of dinosaur footprints in central Italy, in the Lepini Mountains near Sezze, starts accidentally. We are in 2003 and Jurassic Park had a profound impact in the lives of each of us making us rediscover the world of dinosaurs and rekindling the desire to be discoverers. In many parts

José Carreras reborn as one of three great tenor voices

Just 70 years ago today one of the most beautiful tenor voices was born in Barcelona, a city with a great history of music and architecture, and one that has great pride in its wonderful son, José Carreras. In 1992 he repaid his heritage as musical director for the opening and closing ceremonies of

Maria Callas: Recalling a Divine Talent

It was 93 years ago on December 2nd 1923 that a baby girl was born to Greek parents in Manhattan. It is said that her mother rejected her for several days, so disappointed was she that this was not the son she sought. The father was an easy going man pf questionable fidelity who had

Park La Selva named ‘Prince Antonello Ruffo di Calabria’

There are men who leave the deepest footprints on the ground where they softly tread and others that leave them only in the hearts. Antonello Ruffo di Calabria has changed the history of Paliano building a nature park dedicated to birds at a historical moment in which all others were building industries. The overwhelming story

Short History of Chinese Contemporary Art

When enjoying viewing some Chinese sculptures or paintings in National Art Museum in China, I always feel confused until I read the small tag of introduction or description of the work. The desire to understand artists’ creation, its method and aim, has pushed me to do some research. I’ll share with you some interesting stories

Australia Celebrates Faces of Mercy in Rome

The inspiration for the creation of the Faces of Mercy and its performances in Sydney and Rome was a key sentence in the homily by Pope Francis after his selection as Pope. “The message of Jesus is mercy. For me, and I say this with humility, it is the Lord’s strongest message.” This year of

Marco Giustinelli Intercultural exchanges in Futsal

It was almost by accident that I met Marco Giustinelli and learned the history of the invincible team of Polisportiva (Sports School) Paolo Forte Colleferro Futsal, although to say almost by chance is a bit misleading because his stature cannot go unnoticed. He has lively and almost transparent eyes that provide a glimpse of all

Museum of Rugby and Confucius

Rugby is a sport with a unique ethic that distinguishes the players and fans. It has a spirit that goes beyond sports and borders on life. The meeting between heads of two Rugby Museums has strangely reminded me of the teachings of Confucius. But first things first …. The occasion of the match between the