Everything is called ‘Vannucci’ in Città della Pieve. So even the best hotel in 10 meters from the old town has this name. But for those who know England, entering the hotel Vannucci Città della Pieve offers particular emotions.

I lived for a long time between Chester and London to have absorbed their spirit and when I crossed the threshold of this hotel I felt at home twice: for the style and the English colors with which it is decorated the hall and for the Italian selection of objects typical. I do not know define what left me this feeling: perhaps the choice of sofas and their layout, the colors, the tone of the light, but I was not surprised to know that the property is a pair of London who is in love with the City Pieve many years ago.

The Hotel Vannucci was originally built in 1887 by King Vittorio Emanuele II with the name “Villa Mirafiori” and in the lobby there is the ancient wooden staircase through which you reach the first floor.

It ‘was a rainy weekend so we elected the Vannucci as ‘our temporary office’ and we got to spend a day in this hotel near the fireplace. After work, late at night, a good glass of Sangiovese and four international talk to the manager.

Orlando is a native Italian Tricarico, the city of Basilicata famous for its Carnival of the Animals, who as a child lived in Germany before and besides London. pleasantly cultural exchanges and we speak of the beauty of knowing the world and so inevitably we are to tell Australia and Orlando talks about Japan and his three marriages with the same woman.

His wife Fumiko is Japanese and her family is intercultural by definition, their children live different cultures every day with joy. They met in Germany where they married for the first time according to the rites and rules of the country.

But the surprise for Orlando was when he went to meet his new family in Japan and found himself wearing the traditional kimono and to live a second wedding in the temple. Everything had been arranged by his wife, who takes care of hairstyles for Japanese weddings, he wanted to follow his traditions and celebrate his love, according to Japanese custom.

The third and last marriage was in Italy. For those who know the Italian traditions and warmth of the people of Southern Italy (and in particular the area of Matera) knows that it was not possible to think of depriving the family of the Italian pleasure of sharing the joy of the birth of a new family.

A beautiful love story, told with a deep love for his family but also for his work and for the hotel directing. Thank you for the wonderful evening and for the reception.