By its nature, jewellery adds a touch of sensuality to a woman, but the new gold and silk jewellery (The Golden Silk Way) made by Italian designer Daniela Raccanello give particular emotions and sensuality to the wearer.

I had the privilege of being able to wear a preview of the line of jewellery and accessories launched by D’Orica (Nove) at VicenzaOro, the prestigious gold fair in Vicenza. I wore around my neck a soft collar made of precious buff coloured silk yarn to which had been woven pearls and facetted gold beads (the famous “Dorica”).

Before wearing it, I viewed a video telling the history of this new range of jewellery and this aroused a range of different emotions that helped to make it special. The first inspiration was the history of Italian silk: for the first time after about 50 years a spinning mill has been restarted to create yarn in Italy.

I witnessed the skilled hands of the experts who unraveled cocoons to derive precisely the silk I wore. It seemed to me to be part of a piece of the history of the revival of the Silk Road, a dream rooted in centuries of history of the Republic of Venice and what Dorica now refer to as ‘The Fair Silk Way’.

While rationally I learned the technical terminology, emotionally I was enraptured by the beauty of the structure of the jewel. Daniela told me that it was initially inspired by the desire to provide elegance to mature women and to satisfy their desire to emphasize their class, the result of years of experience. The end result, however, is a timeless jewel that can be worn by all and is able to adapt to many styles of clothing giving each lady a part of this intrinsic elegance.

The real surprise I experienced came just a few hours later, when I became aware of pleasant feelings that arose in me from contact of silk threads with my neck. Instead of scarves that are dense cloth and leave little breathing, these silk collars are soft threads that protect leaving the skin to breathe, while caressing and massaging without being “arrogant”.

For me the definite effect of these jewels of the Golden Silk Road have exceeded the traditional definitions to add “beauty” to the woman and have opened grand experiences of sophisticated sensuality.

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