There are women who surprise with their sweetness and others with their determination. Gabry Cominale represents both aspects and expresses her personality and being in her creations of “ceramic wear.”

Gabry started working making fashion knitwear by hand and interrupted her work when she found ceramics. Her teacher Guido Garbarino had warned that she would be “kidnapped” by the raku technique and in fact this is what happened. But a person is the result of all their experiences, so the creations of Gabry have also become an original blend of art and fashion.

Gabry, how could you define your art?

“Ceramics for wearing and furnishing” I think is the clearest definition for everything I create. The most famous works of ceramic wear are the busts that were born almost by accident when I was asked to participate in a fashion show. I changed jobs and did not make any more clothes, then I would have to say no … but I said yes.

And so my first performance in fashion, ceramics and dance was born. I made the busts for the dancers to wear, I chose the music and movements and, from that moment, I became a reference point for “original” fashion.

But even in the jewelry you’ve combined art and accessories …

The line of jewelry and paintings came from a creative challenge. I thought that a piece of ceramic jewelry cannot be put in the drawer and must have a life even when it is not being worn. For this I started to create frameworks in which to “hang” the jewelry and thus continue to show them and enjoy their beauty.

What is the raku, what does it need to create it?

Working earth and clay has a special meaning, but to see it change with fire and to wait for the birth of the colors is a unique event. I have the lab under my house so when I feel that the mind, heart and hands are in “harmony”, I go down and I start work. No matter the time, but the agreement of the three vital forces is essential.

I feel that I can define myself as a determined woman, one who faces life in the first person, and for that I am attracted by definitive colours and large and impressive shapes.

Gabry things you’d like from your art, what results you want to achieve?

I like the relationship with the people who come to my lab and start to talk to me. When I establish this exchange of positive energy I am happy that my creation will go to “live” in their homes.

Deep down, I want people in 200 years to find my pieces and be attracted … I would leave a line on a sheet in the story of humanity.

About the Interviewed:Gabry Cominale


Artist of raku ‘ceramic wear’