Springtime is the moment to re-open gardens and find new elegant ways to renovate their spirits -anditisthe timeto find MadeinLava. If you are in Italy on late April and beginning of May, there are two major events, in Florence and in the Roman countryside, to find the right solution for your needs.
Madeinlava, the Italian sculpted furniture company founded by Sabrina and Luca, has shown its most recent artisanal creations in Florence from the April 24th to May 1st at the 78° Artisanal Exhibition. The two partners, expert in the carving of lava and peperino, the volcanic stones from Viterbo, present their new furniture range for the elegant garden, created by the integration of wood and stone. All their solutions are sustainable, the wood is treated naturally and the design of the furniture uses no nails or glue.
The artisanal fair is held at Fortezza da Basso, a magical place and one of the most interesting examples of how the past can be linked to the future. This fort was created in the 15th century by Antonio Sangallo and it was a military base for the Medici family. In the ’60 it was converted into the exhibition area for the city of Florence and some new modern constructions have been built to make it functional for its new purpose.
Visitors can feel the surrounding elegance both in the place and in the artisanal elegant solutions.
From May 1st to May 4th, Madeinlava exhibited in a special estate to the north of Rome, near the Bracciano Lake. The event is call Arti&Horti and is dedicated to country villas and ‘casali’ (the typical Italian country villas in Tuscany and Rome). The artisanal elegant creations of Madeinlava were shown among the most beautiful flowers and garden solutions for the opening of the new season.
Find where Madeinlava are exhibiting and be charmed by their artistry