Giuseppe Facchinello is a ceramic expressionist artist. The story of an artist is so often foretold in the early years when the order and discipline of schooling leaves the nascent artist bored and under-performing and uninterested.


Even when following a technical direction in secondary school in distant Bassano, Giuseppe Facchinello showed little verve until a visit to the Van Gogh museum awakened his interest. A long haired young man returned and, in an inverse analogy to Samson, gained his psychic strength when he asked his brother to cut off his locks.

Illness then stopped him from pursuing his studies at the Academy of Art in Venice, but through being there he learned more from visits to famous museums such as Guggenheim. About this time he understood that the value of school had been to put all the foods of life onto his plate for selection. As well as from Van Gogh, Giuseppe absorbed the colours and images of Matisse.

However, for an artist of colour with ceramic forms, there are two additional challenges of creation. The first is the three dimensional nature of the clay body that allows the artist to create features in the raw ceramic body before firing the clay. These features then remain as a skeleton on which the coloured images can be created. The second challenge is to see in the raw colours the brilliant hues or fresh colours of the fired glaze.

The as-painted work appears dull and lifeless compared to what he sees in his mind will emerge from the kiln. For the artist to be able to meet these challenges Giuseppe must wait till his hand is free; he has had to learn to be ‘empty’, to meditate maybe for an hour until his hand is ready to work with inspiration for just 40 seconds. What we then see in his works are the outcomes, but not the inner thought of the artist

Today, his unique personal style can be defined as Expressionism in Ceramics. Giuseppe knows that while his art today has great merit and he has gone through the gate to the field of true art, his apprenticeship is a life-long adventure.