Living with water is an experience of lifestyle and lightweight terrace pools and spas are in everyone dream.

The desire by people to live close to the beach, lake or river tells us how strong a link man has with water. The need to control water and to have access to water features, wherever we live, is solved by building pools, spas, streams, waterfalls, showers and baths throughout our homes and gardens.

But lack of design freedom and the need to construct on site, mostly with solid concrete, has meant that only the few could create the scenario of their dreams.

New EPS Technology

New technology and materials allow everyone who owns a terrace or deck to experience the pleasure of an open air pool and spa. The self-standing pool is realized with EPS, a light-weight material with excellent properties for water resistance, long maintenance-free life and easy shapeability.

An Italian company, Preformati Italia, in Mussolente, near Bassano del Grappa, patented a new way to realize a stand-alone pool. The main characteristic is a sandwich wall with reinforced concrete struts and beams encased in closed pore ‘dense’ EPS; just the inverse of an insulation system used for walls. Enrico Puppi started this company based on his family’s experience with packaging materials and his own study into new materials and designs.

The modular EPS based system of Preformati has freed the architect to create shapes and features that excite and stir the senses, and allowed the engineer the capability to provide a wide range of functions for pleasure and leisure.

Whether on the terrace over-looking the Duomo in Milan or in your own indoor ’terme’ in Trento, you can choose shapes as difficult as the engineering marvels and sculptures of the renaissance. With EPS and proprietary finishes, these can be realized by the sculptors and artisans in-factory and then iassembled on the terrace or outdoors. Multiforms of a wide variety of colours can be integrated with light features to create the image dreamed of, especially for evening entertainment. Waterslides and waterfalls, in-pool bars, seats, couches, Jacuzzis are all created with ease, and finished with unique shapes and even a bridge over your private river pool.

Sustainability in engineering, in materials solutions and in assembly methods are combined with Italian style and finishing to provide to the customer a personalised elegant solution at an affordable price, and with a ten year warranty from Preformati. The best lightweight terrace pools.

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