Claudio Brunello is a “cross-border” artist and designer: one who likes to cross several borders of art in the ongoing search for new materials, expressive forms and narratives.

His desire for experimentation originated from contact with important teachers and several artists from whom he learned to narrate using different languages. In his eclectic background, Claudio Brunello started his artistic formation in the early 70s in Turin, a very lively city with important cultural ferment, where he received the Cairoli Award and started working as a window dresser.

His move to Bassano del Grappa plunged him into a new world. Here he became ‘consecrated’ as a painter, but he also works organizing exhibitions and promoting cultural events.

Claudio what are the artworks that have most affected your personal development as an artist?

Every artistic period has its own charm and I’m attracted by human beings and all the ways a human finds to communicate emotions. I feel inspired by many different artistic movements of 1900’s: Optical art, the informal period, naive art and finally I came to religious abstractism. In recent years I have managed to merge my different research in “making art” characterized by abstractism and a conceptual use of different materials.

In your latest creations you trialled plexiglass, how were your “Identity Containers” born?

The Plexiglas Containers are a narrative experiment. They were born from prior art installations, including one built in 2014 dedicated to the fall of Berlin Wall.

The “Identity Containers”, that’s their name, their language is clear, have immediately gained the favour of visitors. This prompted me to search for union of beauty and concept.

With the Identity Containers I created a solid transparent space, the stands between sculpture and writing, in which I can insert different messages but all aimed at positive emotions, to an inner wellness that should be the perpetual condition of man. It ‘a continuous creative becoming.

What feelings do you want to convey with your works?

Beauty, Elegance, Sustainability: in a sense, my works are ‘elegant’ because they are built on a precise thought circumscribed in a simple geometric construction. I feel like a ‘sustainable’ artist as I often use discarded materials, always highlighting the traces of their previous life.
Both as a painter and as a designer I celebrate Beauty, the center of my message is positive feelings and I try to stimulate interest in what lies beyond the artwork.

Being an artist gives you the opportunity to get out of the reality of others and to invent your own, where those who want to experience and learn something different are welcome to enter.

About the Interviewed:Claudio Brunello


Artist and Designer inspired by artistic movements of 1900’s