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Bagpipes at Caetani Castle in Trevi nel Lazio

My afternoon tour, with Giancarlo Flavi, on the second last day of the year, had us heading into the Simbruini mountains and the Regional Park, up from the Cesanese vineyards of Piglio, through the high plains of Arcinazzo to hear Scottish Bagpipes in Trevi nel Lazio, a Ciociarian town sitting at 820 metres in

Succulent Taste from the Grape Festival of Sgurgola

Once more Jupiter shone on the Lepini Mountains and allowed Bacchus to fulfil his promise of a grand harvest of the grapes of Sgurgola and an even more exciting Grape Festival.

In the three days from Friday 23rd September, the Corso, streets of old town and the Piazza Dell’Arringo thronged with locals and visitors, from

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A short walk in Sgurgola

The end of August south of Rome, in Lazio, Ciociaria, on the road to enjoy a short walk in Sgurgola on the edge of Lepini Mountains.

It has been a dry hot summer with regular fires alongside the roads where drivers adopt the memory of old movies and flick their cigarettes out the window

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Gavignano – Another Night of Fun

On the night of a ‘Chalice in the Village’ of Gavignano, the thousand or so summery visitors joined the citizens of Gavignano to climb up the winding road to the top in the square of the Baronial Palace, stopping on the short climb as dusk approaches to view across the expanse of the valley

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Brescia Ancient and Modern; Monopoly with Desirable Properties

Brescia has been an important town for over 3200 years, one that has an exciting commercial and political history.

Yet it is one that somehow does not seem to attract tourists as do other Italian cities, except maybe those visitors courting industrial excellence and Mille Miglia. Brescia is a technology city that has been

Ancient Dynasties in Ultramodern China

When western tourists visit China, the first thing they notice, wherever they enter this country of 1,4 Billion inhabitants, is modern America, towering skyscrapers and blocked motorways.

Landing in Beijing the tourist finds a spoke and wheel road structure with 5 ringroads to serve the over 20 million population. Among the city of the future,

Dragon Boat Festival Races

This tale happens on the fifth day of the fifth month of the lunar calendar measured from the new moon. It is 9 June 2016. It is the Dragon Boat Festival, Duanwu, and the dragon boat races. It is one of the few statute holidays in the Chinese world, not just China. There are

The amazing story teller of the Typewriter, Hebrew and Church Museums

Natale Pagano is a very special person who loves the typewriter. What makes him special?

April 21, 2016 is a special day – that has made Trani, the city capital of Puglia until Napoleon interfered, a special place. It is the day of inauguration of the Polo Museale (Museum Centre). This is the unlikely conjunction

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Searching for Beauty on a trip to Santa Scolastica Monastery

On the hillside before Subiaco  you drive up past Villa Nero, his summer hideaway of which little remains, to reach the Abbey of Santa (Saint) Scolastica, the monastery honouring the sister of Saint Benedict, and a place of natural beauty.

It is one of 12 monasteries in Subiaco founded by St. Benedict of Norcia, and

Sezze – on the edge of the Lepini

It is early April, the week of the Sagra del Carciofo (artichoke festivals) in central Italy, particularly in Lazio. On the rich soil flatlands near Latina, the temperature is an early summer 30 degrees.

We are driving to Sezze which can be seen from afar strutting the escarpment of the lower Lepini mountains to the

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