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Exploring Albania with its great contemporary artists

Artists and an art exhibition of the Holy Mother Teresa by Gjergj Kola and sculptor Hevzi Nuhiu help Albania to be discovered along with its great contemporary artists.

The occasion of the exhibition was to celebrate 25 years of diplomatic relations between Albania and the Holy See which had been interrupted during communism. In recent

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Two Million Years Living in Thessaly

The great cities of the ancient world such as Rome and Athens are but babes in relation to the cities and towns of Thessaly in central Greece.

The area of Larissa, the capital of Thessaly, has been continuously occupied since the Neolithic Age, and areas to the east have discoveries dating back to the Paleolithic

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Family Memories in A Collection of Toy Horses

The horse has occupied a unique role in mankind since the first human bestrode one of these magnificent beasts.

It is remembered in the myths of far distant past such as Pegasus, the flying horse, the magnificent Centaur which shows man’s desire to share the beauty and power of the horse, or the magical Unicorn,

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Cesanese del Piglio 43rd Grape Festival

For most people beyond the boundaries of Ciociaria and Rome, the Cesanese del Piglio grape is still a mystery, an idiosyncracy of Lazio whose history is a small paragraph in the stories of Italian grapes and thriving viniculture.

For many, the wines of Lazio are represented by the Frascati whites of the Castelli Romani, more

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Succulent Taste from the Grape Festival of Sgurgola

Once more Jupiter shone on the Lepini Mountains and allowed Bacchus to fulfil his promise of a grand harvest of the grapes of Sgurgola and an even more exciting Grape Festival.

In the three days from Friday 23rd September, the Corso, streets of old town and the Piazza Dell’Arringo thronged with locals and visitors, from

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Queen of Sgurgola Donuts: traditional dishes

Every dish has its own history that is intrigueing and Sgurgola Donuts are known as the Queen for their particular shape that resembles a crown.

In the tradition the donuts were made at Easter, with white flour, also marking the arrival of spring. They were like a pagan omen in which the Resurrection of Christ

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Sgurgola, Sculca, Sgorga, Scruta … but always Bellatrix!

There are many stories about the meaning of Sgurgola and the Sgurgolano spirit, but the most beautiful is the one linked to its coat of arms with Bellatrix!

The Sgurgolani are called ‘scoppettieri’ by people from neighbouring towns. They are people of indomitable character who in the nineteenth century had even created their own ‘small

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Sensual Goblets in Murano glass by Massimiliano Caldarone

Images of sensual women nestle within the soft curves of glass that forms almost ‘cages’ in which the female figure is enhanced but becomes unreachable. This is the Massimiliano Caldarone universe and the line of sensual goblets that he launched at the former Church of Santa Chiara Murano  as the glass centre on Murano.

Massimiliano is

Mario Benedetto Robazza and his Marble Horse in Rocca Priora

The story of the prancing horse of Rocca Priora in the Castelli Romani coincides with the history of its sculptor, Mario Benedetto Robazza, a great living artists. Mario, a man whose life has been filled with action that is more interesting than a James Bond film.

For those who pass daily along the Via Anagnina,

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Festival of Grapes in Sgurgola, the best of Ciociaria

Did you know that grapes of Sgurgola were among the delicacies of Munich? Can you imagine the German buyers fighting over baskets of grapes from Sgurgola?

This was Sgurgola before the intoxication by mass industries and multinationals: a fertile area that thanks to the railway station was exporting its products around the world. And its

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