Special Musical Experience

Musical Experience

Grand Opera in Città della Pieve

Karen Saillant is an opera singer who creates a new opera each year and premiers it in one of the most beautiful cities in Italy. We came to Città della Pieve in late August to see the premier of her latest creation, ‘Azaio’.

Karen Saillant can be defined in many ways, her life has been

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I Crodaioli in Lusiana: elegant voices in Harmony

The search for I Crodaioli involved about 15 u-turns and 20 minutes drive on a picturesque country road above Marostica, the beautiful walled town tumbling down the lower slopes of the Italian Pre-Alps. There perched at about 750 metres sits a town, clinging to the side of the mountain, named curiously, Lusiana, apparently from

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Where there is Life

You stand in the Piazza di Popolo in Pesaro, it is near Christmas, cold but not bitter, the sun has set and shop owners are wondering whether there is a life before the rush for an aperitif and, away from the loneliness of the shop, an accord at the bar with friends and allies

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To play didgeriblues you first need a didgeridoo. The didgeridoo is the oldest wind instrument in the world and belongs to the Australian Aboriginal culture. Similar to the word “kangaroo”, its name is onomatopoeic. Didgeridoo comes from a corruption of the Aboriginal name Yidaki in English.
It’s origin is Northern Australia, where there are the

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No Ordinary Elizabethan Era Minstrel

The passion by many Italians for the Elizabethan Era, for things Shakespearean and minstrels, is to an Englishman, a little odd, but rewarding. One such minstrel, is a musician from the deep south of Italy, now nestled in the Roman town of Lincoln in England, and he is Enzo Puzzovio.
Brought up in the baroque

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Just one Arena but it’s Verona Arena…..

What an impact! The Verona Arena is for most people the only ‘event in town’, and unless you venture to Verona out of season, its impact is total.
Verona Arena: it is not as grand as the Colosseum or even as spectacular as Caracalla. It is not in a historically significant city from a world’s

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