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Musical Experience

Today Sir Edward Elgar is 158

Today, June 2, Sir Edward Elgar was born and had he survived he would be 158 years old. Fortunately for us the music of this great English composer has survived and since thrived as time goes by.

Edward Elgar is best remembered for the chorus refrain sung religiously and fervently by an audience of flag

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Good Morning Mr Aznavour

Lac la Mer, or Lake Geneva as the British prefer, is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful scenic attractions in the world, and an area of wonderful ambience. The famous paddle-wheel cruises from Lausanne and Geneva are lifetime memories for those who tour the upper section to Montreux or the lower section from Lausanne

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My work with music and children

In the past five decades, I have created hundreds of performances with children singing in foreign languages. More than two dozen children have come to our opera house in Citta’ della Pieve, Italy to sing in six of our eleven opera premieres. This past summer we created AZA’IO, our first Italian children’s opera, with

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Original Didgeridoo till today – fusion of nature, art and technology

The didgeridoo is something more than a musical instrument and is surrounded by many legends and eons of history.

Created by the Australian Aborigines thousands of years ago (rock paintings have been found from 40,000 years ago depicting men with instruments in the mouth) its sound helps to achieve trance states. It is a door

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Florio Pozza Didgeridoodler

Every time we meet Florio Pozza, he comes as a Christmas present, wrapped up with a new surprise to entertain. The 2nd Anniversary bazaar in Marostica was no different where the over 100 guests were captivated by his sculptor’s art as well as his skill as a didgeridoodler.

Florio Pozza is a man of many

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Overtones in Time of Gut Strings

We meet Daniel Mari at the black painted steel gates in San Felice Circeo, and on his invitation, follow him up the stone stairs to the open terraces, one shaded and the other accepting the late afternoon summer sun, dappled through the overhanging trees.
Daniel is a spritely man of indefinite age, he carries himself

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Architecture with Music of Bepi de Marzi

A broad spectrum of sensations from architecture with music met the over 70 guests at the event, ‘Men, Forests and Design’ organized by architect Maurizio Signorini and held at the Villa Thiene in Quinto Vicentino.
The villa, constructed by Palladio in 1545, set a grand stage for the presentation of six architect collaborating with six

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From Handball to Music – Macerata Opera at Sferisterio

Nearly 200 years ago in the Marche provincial town of Macerata, 100 of the good towns folk banded together to fund the building of a grand stadium, one that has become known as the Sferisterio Arena andone where the Macerata Opera Festivalis held.

Not surprisingly, this stadium was not built for culture, but for sport,

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Breathing Coordination – the exhale is what counts, not the inhale.

Everyone knows that we need breath in order to live. But did you know that there is a right and wrong way to breathe? Breathing coordination is key to health.

Today, thanks to the clinical research of Carl Stough, we know how the mechanics of the respiratory system are actually meant to work. In the

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Gut Strings power the violin

Energitismo allows me to meet people who have dedicated their lives to achieve perfection in their field; one of these meetings occurred when I opened a magic door into one of my passions: music of Bach played with gut strings.
The partitas and the sonatas for string instruments (violin, viola or cello) are one of the

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