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Musical Experience

Last Tango in Palace

Astor Piazzola, Marcantonio Colonna Palace, Paliano, Chamber Orchestra of Frosinone – what do they have in common? Tango in palace for our pleasure.

Is it not a paradox that essentially sensuous music from the 20th century should vibrate the thick stone walls of a monument of renaissance or even earlier medieval architecture. Yet this is

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Jean Sibelius symphony of Finland

The first week of December has been a smorgasbord for readers of this blog who are lovers of classical romantic movement as we celebrated the singing majesty of Maria Callas and José Carreras. And now we enter the second week with one of the great romantic composers, Johan Julius Christian Sibelius, born 151 years

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José Carreras reborn as one of three great tenor voices

Just 70 years ago today one of the most beautiful tenor voices was born in Barcelona, a city with a great history of music and architecture, and one that has great pride in its wonderful son, José Carreras.

In 1992 he repaid his heritage as musical director for the opening and closing ceremonies of

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Maria Callas: Recalling a Divine Talent

It was 93 years ago on December 2nd 1923 that a baby girl was born to Greek parents in Manhattan. It is said that her mother rejected her for several days, so disappointed was she that this was not the son she sought.

The father was an easy going man pf questionable fidelity who had

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Summer Events in Trani, just outside the Museum

Trani, laying a little north of Bari, on the clear blue Adriatic, is a town to where those from the north flock in summer. In the evenings Magical Summer Events in the open air provide a welcome break from the hot midday sun. Especially those in the square of the Cathedral, where the perfume

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Fuori Museo: in arT back to Trani

We came back to Trani to enjoy the concert by Nicola Piovani and his group in the open air in front of the spectacular cathedral of Saint Nicolas the Pilgrim.

The concert is among a series of Fuori Museo, Eventi d’Estate (Events of Summer) sponsored by Fondazione SECA through its president and founder Natalino Pagano.


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200 Years since Barber of Seville premiere

So what is it that made Giovanni Paisiello so angry on 16 February 1816. For 34 years he had been lauded as the composer of a very popular opera since his Barber of Seville premiere.

Yet on this day he organised a claque to destroy the premiere of an opera by a young upstart composer who from

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Small theatres make Italian towns

Central Italy is a magical place where feudalism has left its mark in hundreds of small towns and villages in which the lords and communities competed in culture and beauty. There are royal palaces or grand buildings “out-of-scale” for living beings (apart from some such as the great Duomo Orvieto), but the urban centers

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Cimbro Festival with a “touch” of Australia

Each year the Cimbrian culture lives again in Roana with the festival HOGA ZAIT, an expression of the Cimbro world. This year the theme was Australia and the aim of the event was to reconnect and interact with different cultures born of immigration to the country “down-under”.

“There can be no culture if there is

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Khachaturian on the road to Spartacus

Khachaturian, is recognized by most casual appreciators of classical music as one of the great Russian composers of the 20th century.

Born on 6 June 2003, today is the 112th anniversary, he is best known for his passionate 1954 ballet, Spartacus and the earlier Sabre Dance from the ballet ‘Gayenah’, premiered during the second

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