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Tokyo: Morioka original bookstore sells one book a week

The secret of evolution is adaptation and change, so Morioka bookseller in Tokyo has opened a new original bookstore where he sells one book at a time.

“Issatsu, isshitsu”, or “a room, a book”, is his motto that comes from reflections with a group of creative people on how to upgrade the role of bookstores

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Anna D’Alessandro: how to internationalize Italian productions

Meeting Anna D’Alessandro is a special experience, her ability to communicate and the richness of her experiences captivate and intrigue.

Hers is a story of being caught between two countries, the United States and Italy, between the nimble American pragmatism and Italian creativity, set in a baroque business management system. Anna studied architecture in San

Poetry in a wedding dress

On display at the Spanish Steps in Rome is a wedding dress, one of the most beautiful and romantic that has ever been created, a jacquard silk dress with a handwritten love poem in 129 verses.

The poem is written by hand by Antonella Pagano, one of the most incisive Italian poets who donated one

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Maria Greca Surprising Special Jewelry

We are in Piazza di Pietra near the Pantheon. Yes, ancient Rome still alive in modern Rome. Dominating the square are the ten columns and façade of the Temple of Hadrian (Emperor) (Tempio di Adriano). We are seeking Maria Greca.


Each column of the temple consists of ten perfectly squared cylindrical marble stones, carved to

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How to make a successful first impression

We all want to look good when we meet someone for the first time. But how to make a good first impression? What are the tricks to use and what things should we do?
Communication effectiveness, sensitivity to others (emotional intelligence), can be both a natural gift but it is also a fascinating world to

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Bruno Coppetta and his ‘Fine Living Trattoria’

The medieval town of Città Della Pieve a little in Umbria and a little Tuscan, has many pleasant surprises for the wanderer down its alleys onto and around its squares, into churches, through the market on Saturday. A wonderful completion of the walking tour is to walk down Via Vannucci, dodging the cars coming

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The most beautiful carnivals in Italy

During the month of February, in all Italian cities we celebrate Carnival (Carnevale). A riot of masks, confetti, streamers, parades and floats. A party that has ancient origins and is one of the most characteristic folk elements of this beautiful country. But what are the most beautiful carnivals to see in Italy? What are

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Marostica city of beauty and storied diplomacy

The history of Marostica is lost in the mists of time. A succession of dominions and castellans that made it so valuable the Monte Pauso and Monte Pausolino, become palimpsests of this town: a pearl of Veneto.

The sunny slopes in communication with the plain below have made the area conducive to human habitation since

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Good Brake, Good Horn, Good Luck!

Last time Gavin and I were in India we visited the Taj Mahal, a place that everybody should see once in his life. Our hotel was just in front of this ‘monument to eternal love’ and the large pool nearly reflected its brightness during the full moon night. I still have the pleasure of

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How to sell during crises: customer behaviour

How to sell your products during economic crises? How can artisans and SMEs compete with low cost manufacturers? How do we find the right clients for your products?

These are the questions that each small company and artisan is asking of himself at this time. Finding the correct answers to these questions leads to the capability

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