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The origins of the Befana: a festival dedicated to nature

All parts of the cycle of nature and also the feast of January 6 were created to celebrate an important moment in the life of the plants. Although today we see only the Three Wise Men or Befana, it all begins many years before and is linked to the winter solstice.

Winter is the time

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Sgurgola, Sculca, Sgorga, Scruta … but always Bellatrix!

There are many stories about the meaning of Sgurgola and the Sgurgolano spirit, but the most beautiful is the one linked to its coat of arms with Bellatrix!

The Sgurgolani are called ‘scoppettieri’ by people from neighbouring towns. They are people of indomitable character who in the nineteenth century had even created their own ‘small

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The art of sports photography

In a short time in the world of horse lovers a small artistic revolution has occurred: a Roman photographer began publishing shots “with soul” – sports photography from the heart.

Massimo Argenziano, the author of this new approach, comes from a background of artistic photographer and for years he supervised the development and printing of

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How to Promote tourism in 5 strategic steps

To promote tourism is a major objective of many politicians and bureaucrats at national and local levels. To understand what levers to use to attract new visitors is their greatest challenge. Choosing a place to visit is a voluntary act by the individual traveller who, faced with an incredible variety of offers, chooses one

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Easter in Umbria: ‘Living Paintings’

Among the most striking manifestations of Easter in Umbraia, the ‘living pictures’ of Città della Pieve, organized by Il Terziere Borgo Dentro, are certainly worth more than a mention.

A group of figures created by members of Terziere Borgo Dentro interprets paintings by great painters inspired by the passion of Christ and Easter. The masterly

‘Quizling’ the Quiz Educational tool

We want the best for our children and we need to find a way to educate them without annoying them, trying new forms of ‘edutainment’ or ‘infotainment’ using quizzes such as ‘Quizling’ as a quiz educational tool.

For instance, a core part of the educational process for children virtually worldwide comprises tours, visits to museums,

Massimo Tizzano, Kitsch painter

From north to south, from east to west, this is the story of the painter Massimo Tizzano.

Massimo was born into a family from the south that moved to the north, then he moved again further north to reach his master, Norwegian Odd Nerdrum, and after a few years he returned to live in Calabria

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Superb tastes of restaurants in Città della Pieve

Last time we visited the hilltop town of Citta della Pieve (town of churches), deep in Umbria, we strolled around the streets and alleys that Il Perugino walked 500 years ago. On this visit to sample the special restaurants in Città della Pieve, we stayed overnight at the Hotel Vannucci, loyal to Perugino’s given name

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Conserving Nature – looking at the big picture saves species

Conserving nature is a great and worthwhile challenge. Yet, targeting threats alone won’t save our wildlife. Too often, governments and conservation organisations have only one goal for restoring populations of declining species: to reduce what they perceive as the main ‘threat’. However, this focus on ‘threat hotspots’ by nations and international conservation bodies can

In Città della Pieve everything is named Vannucci

Everything is called ‘Vannucci’ in Città della Pieve. So even the best hotel in 10 meters from the old town has this name. But for those who know England, entering the hotel Vannucci Città della Pieve offers particular emotions.

I lived for a long time between Chester and London to have absorbed their spirit and

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